Application Development and Operation in the OSS Domain for O2 UK

n 2010, O2 UK (subsidiary of the Telefónica Group) was looking for a partner to provide a managed service for the Development and Operation of their Fault Monitoring application landscape within the OSS Domain.

The applications in the FM domain monitor network elements and key IT infrastructure, allowing O2 to have visibility and control over critical systems for the business with direct impact on Customer Experience and Customer satisfaction in corporate, business and consumer segments.

Some of the applications included within the scope of the service :

• IBM TIVOLI Netcool




• Alcatel SAM





• VITRIA Operational Intelligence • …


An approach based on a multi-tiered Delivery Model

A tender was launched and awarded to Indra who has been providing the service since 2010.

In addition to the development (corrective maintenance and evolution) and application operation services for the different systems within the scope, the contract was expanded in 2013 to include Business Analysis services.

Some of the key requirements for the service were:

Assume end to end responsibility and accountability for the Service Provide a single point of contact for all applications within the scope Deliver to high quality standards and meet strict SLAs Provide fl exibility to accommodate demand changes Cost effi ciency and value for the business To meet this requirements Indra set up the service based on a three tier delivery model: An on-site layer to coordinate the service and interact with the business A core near-shore team with expert resources supported by our OSS competence centers A staged introduction of off-shore capabilities to increase fl exibility and cost effi ciency


The right balance between responsiveness, fl exibility and cost effectiveness

Indra is currently delivering the service to the required quality standards, and meeting 100% of the agreed SLA targets.

The three tier model provides the best balance between responsiveness, fl exibility and cost effectiveness.

• The local layer provides proximity to the users and the business ensuring an agile response and the correct understanding of requirements.

• The near-shore layer provides functional and subject matter expertise, and the fl exibility of easy deployment on-site if needed (short travel times and no visa requirements)

• The off-shore layer provides a cost effective solution for less critical activities, and added fl exibility to meet changing demand (For example in 2011 the service team had to be trebled to absorb the increase in demand caused by the 2012 London Olympic Games)


A complex and demanding environment with Business continuity at the core

The applications included within the OSS FM Domain provide support to critical processes across the company. Business continuity is ensured by providing proactive incident management and ensuring an early response in case and incident arise.

• There are 13 different applications within the scope of the service

• The service currently employs over 60 FTEs

• We support over 1.300 users in the FM Domain

As an example just the Netcool platform :

• Monitors 12.000 network elements

• Processes over 12.000 alarms/hour (Unique events)

• Processes over 69.000 events/hour (Hits to Netcool probes)

• Has over 700 interfaces