Minsait is the Indra business unit that tackles the challenges posed by digital transformation to companies and institutions.
Minsait business established it as one of Spain's leading companies in the digital transformation market in 2015. The company has grouped its entire digital business technology and consulting solutions under Minsait. The leading position held by Minsait has been forged by a unique specialization-based model, an end-to-end multidisciplinary approach; a flexible and agile collaboration model for implementation; an extensive portfolio of business solutions focused on the FEEP concept: Foresee, Engage, Empower and Protect; a proprietary and unique model for sales, delivery and support aimed at impact generation; and a flexible organization based on multidisciplinary teams, made up of specialists with very specific profiles.
Indra is thus seeking to strengthen its leadership and accelerate growth in the digital transformation market.
Minsait complements the remaining high value services provided by Indra, supporting their development and evolution in line with key business areas for clients, and thus acting as a catalyst to Indra's own growth. Minsait both completes and drives Indra's growth by embodying the firm's commitment to providing added value services, helping the company to secure strong growth and profitability. It is also applicable to all industries where Indra holds a global leading position in the development of proprietary solutions, such as defense and security, transport and traffic, energy and industry, telecommunications and media, financial services and public administrations & healthcare.