An approach to immersive media

The viewers experience first hand the action being broadcast, an action that envelopes them and makes them feel like a character participating in it

Immersive TV aims to research the trends in the production of immersive digital content and the entire value chain involved (production, broadcasting and reception), developing interactivity and immersion beyond 3D, which is merely "bi-dimensional".

This initiative arises as a result of our experience in consultancy and creation of interactive services for television.

Immersive TV is an R&D&I project co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Plan Avanza) and led by Indra, along with the participation of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the companies Agile Contents, Eumóvil, Ericsson and Inmomática.

Proposed solution

New methods for producing, broadcasting and receiving 3D digital content

Advertising, product placement and merchandising integration through 3D objects

Under the criteria of immersivity and interactivity, the project has made it possible to gain more knowledge about the current broadcasting and reception capabilities of immersive television, in order to add value to the products that are currently on the market.

The final result has been the creation of two pilots that assess the user's experience and offer the chance to interact with audiovisual content in a way that has never been done before.

• The first one is called ‘Escenario CAVETM’, an innovative integrated space made up of three screens, where viewers are part of the scene and can interact with the content around them. This will include the projection of 3D images and real-time insertion of objects within the screen.

• The second pilot, "Escenario Salón", allows the experience to be transmitted to the user's home, where it displays a futuristic living-room that receives contents via broadband and broadcasting services.

The immersive feeling experienced by the user is achieved through 3D content and domotic elements such as sensors, 3D audio systems, ambient and accent lighting, scent and fog diffusers, and even the movement of pieces of furniture like the couch.


An innovative approach that is useful for seizing the consumer's attention

• The relevance of immersive television lies in its ability to make viewers experience first hand the action being broadcast, facilitating their interaction with the scene in any spatial dimension

• Because of its capacity to integrate elements and systems into a single platform, it is the ideal solution for any future project that requires the development of an immersive environment.

• The system is easily extensible, which is an additional advantage for adapting to specific needs and demands.

• Advances in marketing and e-commerce initiatives that include tours or virtual tests of products; augmented reality systems that make it easier for viewers to understand events, or immersive videoconference applications for geographically distributed work teams.


Unprecedented advance in the world of leisure and entertainment

  1. This project opens the door to a new production and consumption market for content based on immersion, which is still not being used in the traditional consumer market.
  2. There have also been advances in other sectors, such as cognitive immersion to help people with special needs and guided surgery or telesurgery systems.
  3. Great flexibility for extending the repertoire of associated commands, which means that in the future new features may be added or, even, established business models may be improved, such as social TV or online content.