Our ordinary business contributes to the creation of wealth by generating solutions and servicesas well as the distinguishing characteristic: innovation.

Indra we firmly believe that our solutions and services are excellent tools for contributing to development, not only to the benefit of our clients but, in a much wider sense, to the benefit of society in general and the communities where we operate.

Our offering

Indra has always been committed to developing proprietary technologies and solutions with a differential value for the various sectors in which it operates. This is what provides the company its competitive edge and enables it to penetrate new markets as well as harness the synergies that arise from applying the capabilities developed in one sector across all other sectors.

Indra follows a value creation strategy, offering customers comprehensive management solutions, from consultancy, to project development, integration and implementation, to IT outsourcing and BPO.

Indra has proprietary solutions for all its market segments: Transport & Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Sector and Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Defence, and Telecom & Media.





Consultancy and Technological Solutions

Indra offers its customers turnkey solutions, from strategy and conceptualization through to the final development of the solution. Our solutions enable us to equip infrastructures with intelligence, bring about radical changes in the movement of people and goods (including water, energy or information), or reduce transaction costs. To do this, Indra boasts the most advanced systems of infrastructure sensorization, communications roll-out and distributed data processing capacity, as well as information and intelligence systems which enable control, in real time, of infrastructures and the automatic reconfiguration of networks safely and efficiently to respond to changes in the environment.


IT Outsourcing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Indra offers services that allow the outsourcing of tasks and processes which, due to our size and specialized nature, not only contributes to cost reductions for our customers, but also provides significant value-added advantages, through:

  1. New models for the supply of services (Cloud Computing)
  2. The verticality of our range of solutions (using our in-depth knowledge of sectors)
  3. The improvement in our delivery models
  4. A range of complementary services
  5. The inclusion of social and environmental values in our solutions and services

The range of solutions and services developed by the company helps our customers in the different industries to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment