Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance

Indra has adopted the firm commitment to establish a solid compliance culture and, to this end, it sends a strong message to all its Professionals and Partners (representatives, providers and third parties that provide services to Indra or that act in any way on behalf of Indra) of opposition to the performance of any illicit act.

In consequence, all of them are responsible for carrying out its activity in compliance with the current law and applying Indra’s corporate principles, with independence of the territory where the activity is conducted. That is, all of them must do “the right thing”.

To accomplish with the above mentioned commitment, Indra has a Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and a speak-up cannel (Direct Channel), both updated in 2017.

The Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance of Indra is a reference framework fixed for all its Professionals and Partners, which establishes the Corporate Principles that must rule the  business practices of the company and the Code of Conduct in relation to different areas of activity. Under no circumstances, acting in the benefit of Indra could justify acts that are against the Principles and the Code of Conduct.

Corporate Principles:

  • Integrity: means acting in good faith and establishing professional relationships based on transparency and ethics
  • Professionalism: means maintaining a proactive attitude with respect to ensuring the excellence of our efforts
  • Respect: means recognising the value of people and their work, and of the social and natural environment in which we operate

Standards of Conduct about:

  • Corruption and bribery
  • Conflict of interest
  • Information security
  • Moral and sexual harassment
  • Foreign trade of defence materials and dual-use goods
  • Subsidies and public aids
  • Environment
  • Good tax practices
  • Financial information management
  • Protection of competition
  • Money laundering and terrorism funding
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Relations with governments and authorities

The Code of Ethics also reflects the commitment of the company to respect to respect the human rights recognised in the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles related to the rights established in the International Labour Organisation Declaration.

 “The set up of this commitment is only possible through the responsible action of each one of us. And to this end, it is essential that each Professional and Partner of Indra knows, accepts and commits to this code of conduct in the performance of work” Fernando Abril-Martorell

The Direct Channel, regulated in the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance, is a confidential method to communicate with the company so that Professionals and Partners can communicate any doubts that may arise to the interpretation or application of the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and its development regulations, in addition to the reporting of any irregularities or violations detected in relation to them or any illicit behaviours

Active involvement and supervision on the part of Indra’s governing body and senior management are essential parts of the Company’s effective compliance management system. Accordingly, the Compliance and Audit Commission of Indra is in charge of supervising the functioning, efficiency, and compliance of the criminal risk prevention Model of the company, where the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and the Direct Channel are key elements.

The Compliance Unit reports directly and exclusively to the Audit and Compliance Committee, whose duties include coordinating and executing its decisions and tasks related to the aforementioned Model, and thus, related to the Code of Ethics and Compliance and the Direct Channel.