Providing consultancy and technology is a key component of local services and resources in permanent contact with clients, thus guaranteeing a more accurate appreciation of their needs, improved service, and greater cultural alignment. At the same time, the introduction of efficiency initiatives in development demands the concentration and specialization of operations, which inevitably and increasingly leads to the separation, even physically, of delivery operations and development activities. Indra employs professionals in 46 countries to guarantee delivery and customer management capabilities in the regions where it operates, whereas its development capabilities are concentrated at 23 centers in 9 countries.

Indra carries out processes to consolidate and concentrate its development activities at centers that specialize in specific technologies or knowledge areas. This not only makes it possible to take advantage of resulting economies of scale, but also promotes greater efficiency of the production process. In addition to specialized production, these Global Development Centers contribute to creating extensive technological knowledge, and each center, as a result, has its own innovation unit focused on developing the offer. In other words, they have Software Labs which operate as advanced laboratories that exploit the latest technology trends to develop customized solutions for clients.

The consolidation and concentration of development activities facilitates the introduction of industrialization initiatives, with two fundamental aims:

  • Improving the global company's management of production capacity by enabling the software factories distributed worldwide to operate as a single virtual center, from perspectives of both development activities and organizational culture.
  • Improving productivity by incorporating technology that enhances the reuse, traceability and management of knowledge, and by using analytical and predictive models to monitor the performance of projects and organizations.