Smart Roads

ITT Report 2019


How will technology contribute to a more sustainable mobility?

What new infrastructure management models are transforming road mobility?

What disruptive technologies have the most potential to influence the travelers' experience?

Is it possible to reach a future with zero road accidents?

What role will advanced communications play in the next model of road infrastructures?

At what point of maturity is the connected vehicle? What potential does it have to make infrastructures safer and more efficient?

Will there still be traffic jams in the future?

What infrastructure elements will change with the autonomous driving paradigm? When will we see the first fully autonomous vehicles circulate?

After displaying our global vision of the future of mobility in 2018, in this new edition of the ITT Report we have focused our attention on connected and intelligent infrastructures: Smart Roads. One of the fields of mobility that has more innovative potential and more impact on users and the environment

  • Intelligent traffic management systems (ITS and C-ITS) that provide real-time information and help operators make better and faster decisions
  • Prediction of future demand to mitigate the effects of traffic jams
  • New management models based on variable pricing according to occupation, weight, polluting index and infrastructure use
  • Intelligence and artificial vision for monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Advanced communications and Edge Computing that allow connected driving and will facilitate the arrival of autonomous driving

Smart Roads

ITT Report 2019

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