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Indra has been operating in Panama since 1999 and relies on more than 160 professionals and a highly competitive Software Lab with state-of-the-art production methodologies and CMMi Level 3 certification that attend to both local needs and those of the Central American region.

Panama is Indra’s operations center in Central America and the Caribbean. In this country, the multinational holds a solid position in the major markets through a high value-added offering that includes consultancy, project development, system and application integration through to information system and business processes outsourcing.


Noteworthy projects


Panama Maritime Authority

One of Indra's most relevant projects in Panama is the modernization of information management systems for the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the largest fleet in the world. The project includes the implementation of a platform that will connect the management of Marina Mercante (Merchant Marine), Gente de Mar (People of the Sea), Recursos Marinos (Marine Resources), Puertos y Planificacion (Ports and Planning), with Panama's 77 consulates throughout the world and the AMP technical offices in Panama, New York, London and Manila. Additionally, Indra is developing an identification system for this institution to replace the current license that will be equipped with a biometric identification system which will include a digital photo, electronic signature, and digitalized fingerprints.

With all of these improvements, the AMP will comply with the international quality standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), while optimizing its resources, reducing costs, and improving the service provided. The final objective pursued is for Panama to consolidate itself as a leader in ship registrations, an activity that is one of the primary drivers of its economy.



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