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Significant shareholders

The Company keeps no record of its shareholders, and thus is only aware of the composition of its shareholder structure through information provided to it by the shareholders themselves, whether directly or by public disclosure in accordance with the law governing significant ownership interests (which in general requires the reporting of stakes in excess of 3% of capital stock), and from data provided by Iberclear (Spanish Securities Clearing and Settlement Service), which Indra compiles for its Shareholders Meetings.

In accordance with the above, and the information known by the Company, nowadays, its shareholders with a stake in excess of 3% are: Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (S.E.P.I.), with 20.14%,  Corporación Financiera Alba with 12.53%, Fidelity Management Research with 9.96%, Taube Hodson Stonex Partners (THS), with 3,19% and Telefónica, S.A. with 3.16%


Indra is unaware of the existence of any agreement or pact among shareholders pursuant to which they might act in concert.

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