LOT Polish Airlines, an example to follow

PorEmilio Mora- 02 / 04 / 2017

I would like to congratulate LOT Polish Airlines on the achievement of the DOT (Department of Transportation certificate) for its website!

This important milestone will allow the airline’s Ecommerce channel to comply with the US Department of Transportation regulations against the discrimination on the basis of disability in the air travel. The different implementations and design modifications performed during the last months will allow LOT Polish Airlines to offer an accessible and transparent new shopping experience to all passengers.

It is well known that the Air Travel Industry has been making a great effort to comply with the essential Air Carrier Access Act, which establishes a necessary and long awaited industry standard. This regulation prohibits a wide range of processes which may be discriminatory for people with disabilities, and re-defines the rights of passengers and the obligations of the Airlines. This set of rules, affecting all flights to / from the U.S., imply a series of important and complex changes in several areas (accommodation, accessibility, administrative provisions and shopping experience, among others) that have to be overcome by Airlines to comply with the Act.

I would like to thank LOT Polish Airlines for relying on Indra for this achievement, allowing our company to successfully prove its capabilities to address complex projects in a constantly changing environment from which airlines, agents, GDSs, and IT providers will benefit.


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