Indra develops the latest generation of air defense systems

Due to remotely piloted aircraft, spy satellites, ballistic missiles, or cyber attacks, the defense of air space is becoming increasingly complex. Indra, as a leading global company in the industry, is working on the latest generation of systems that will face these threats.

The number of technologies involved is extensive: surveillance sensors capable of operating under strong intentional jamming, powerful command and control systems, robust high-capacity communications, actuators, scanning radars that cover low space orbits, and sophisticated sensors to intercept small drones. 

These are systems that make up the first line of defense of any country and that protect deployments in international military missions.

In addition to classic sensors, which have always been the core of air defense systems, Indra is already working on a whole set of new technologies.

These are 3D sensors capable of managing the threat of ballistic missiles that use suborbital trajectories.

In the command and control areas, we are incorporating features that improve decision making and assess the progress of operations much more accurately.

Artificial intelligence algorithms and big data capabilities enable threats to be anticipated by more accurate and faster assessment.

By using new cybernetic action vectors, we have the ability to distort navigation elements of aircraft and drones using softkill and spoofing techniques, which impersonate the signal of the positioning systems.

All these systems also need to be prepared so that they can operate safely in a scenario in which increasingly advanced and aggressive cyber attacks will take place.

Indra is a leading company in the development of the most advanced air defense systems. It has exported radars of the Lanza 3D family, of different scopes and classes, to countries all around globe. It is NATO’s preferred supplier after having won all tenders made public by the Alliance in the last decade for this type of systems. The entire south-western flank of Europe is protected with our radars.

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