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Indra has an open, agile and flexible Innovation Model designed to strategically broaden and enhance our ability to generate and capture attractive ideas for expanding our future offering.

The Innovation Model intends to expand and consolidate our relations with the innovation ecosystem on a global level: startups, entrepreneurs, spinoffs, research groups at universities that are experimenting with emerging technologies, as well as Indra's own professionals.

The model counts with an Innovation Committee as its governing body that is in charge of defining and promoting all of its key lines. Through the R&D Area, offers support and collaboration throughout the entire innovation life cycle by monitoring the company's innovative efforts and assisting in obtaining financing by third parties on a global scale for R&D projects. Furthermore, it is provided support by a driver with the capacity for investment, supporting and incubating numerous options for developing a flexible offering, Indraventures.

With this model, we purse 4 fundamental objectives:

  • Convert Innovation into the strategic lever that differentiates our offering
  • Focus Innovation on responding to strategic business needs
  • Become a benchmark of Innovation and a hub that attracts startups
  • Capitalize on internal talent for generating differential and innovative initiatives