Quality Policy

The quality policy guides the organization in the establishment and review of quality objectives. In addition, Indra ensures that the Quality Policy remains aligned with the sustainability policies and the ethical code in order to contribute to these objectives and fundamental principles.

Indra, an innovative company and leader in the IT field, believes that the provision of high-quality services and solutions is an essential lever for the sustainability of the organization and the creation of value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees and others.

To support the strategic management of the organization in achieving these goals, Indra has implemented a quality management system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and others that apply to specific areas of the organization (ISO 22163, ISO 39001, PECAL 2110, PECAL 2210, PECAL 2310, EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9120 and other standards) with the following key principles:

•    Establish customer satisfaction as one of the primary objectives of all staff to create and deliver high-quality products and services.
•    Understand that success in achieving the proposed objectives depends on technological capabilities as well as the talent and involvement of workers.
•    Ensure compliance with contractual requirements, the legal ones that apply to the activity undertaken and the geographic location, and the requirements that the organization meets voluntarily.
•    Maintain the knowledge and awareness of all employees by promoting training and development opportunities for them.
•    Define specific and measurable objectives in relation to quality, aligned with the company's strategy, and review the level of achievement at least once a year.
•    Manage processes efficiently by applying the principle of continuous improvement to all operations and services carried out, and focusing these processes on defect prevention.
•    Assess the relevant information on a regular basis to maintain and continuously improve the quality management system, ensuring rigour and independence.
•    Integrate the quality management system into the global management of Indra, taking into consideration the digitisation processes that favour the effectiveness and efficiency of the System.
•    Inform the entire organization about the quality management system to encourage the active participation of employees and assess their suggestions for improvement with the aim of fostering continuous improvement.
•    Maintain regular contact with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to gain the necessary information and incentive to continuously improve our products and services.

Everyone at Indra has assumed these principles and we are all responsible for putting them into practice by carrying out the functions assigned within the framework of this quality management system and by complying with the relevant internal regulations. We are also responsible for passing these principles on to suppliers, subcontractors, partners and collaborators involved in our operations so that they too can implement them.

Indra management is committed to driving the development and implementation of this quality policy in the firm belief that compliance with these principles will lead to the profitable growth of our business, maximizing the value of Indra for its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

March 2023
María Teresa Atienza García
Organization and Corporate Quality Manager