Through the joint integration of these three solutions, we create a global tool that permits the establishment of a safe lower altitude airspace in a local, regional and national context.

Furthermore, all of these solutions are compatible with the ATM system.  Their integration increases every actor’s situational awareness, guaranteeing a complete solution that will meet the highest safety expectation, as the same time it contributes to enhancing the security levels.

With more than 100 years of experience in the ATM sector, Indra is the perfect partner to help develop and integrate the UTM, ATM and Crow (C-UAS).

We climb alongside our clients

In Indra we advise our clients in accordance to each country’s national drone regulation, whilst helping to develop such norms. After a profound analysis of our client’s specific necessities, we customize our response in order to build a progressive implementation program that will fulfil our clients’ requirements.

The UTM system may encompass the UTM Hub, the UTM Connect or both, with the possibility of being completed with the C-UAS Crow system for ensuring the protection of critical infrastructures such as airports.

Indra looks forwards to accompanying its clients through the entire process, integrating the UTM system with the ATM system. Our goal: guaranteeing a complete solution that guarantees the safety of our airspace.