Rail will play a critical role in the new, more sustainable transportation ecosystem the public demands. In order to improve its appeal and the passenger experience, Indra is developing new digital solutions and services in areas such as interoperability, ticketing, new means of payment and station information systems.

At its Aranjuez plant, Indra is manufacturing extremely advanced circuits that will enhance the capabilities of Spainsat NG military communications satellites that Spanish Armed Forces will be using.

Indra’s hybrid thick-film circuits will be integrated into the antennas of the two communications satellites to be operated by Hisdesat and launched into space in 2023 and 2024.

No one questions the need for a major change in mobility to progress towards a more sustainable model, one that helps transport passengers and goods using less polluting and more efficient transport, such as rail. However, to do this it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of rail transport and make it more attractive. 

Indra multiplies armies’ effectiveness and agility

An army’s ability to react and respond largely depends on the work of its logistical command. Indra has developed a Sustainability 4.0 platform that incorporates the most advanced digital technologies to multiply its efficiency.

The recent NATO Summit turned Madrid into one of the best-protected cities on the planet. We now know that the Air and Space Force relied on a state-of-the-art Indra system to protect the landings of the Heads of State and Government on their arrival at Torrejón de Ardoz air base.

The Air and Space Force Deployment Support Squadron (EADA) was tasked with performing this delicate mission with the aid of Indra’s ARMS system, a latest generation solution capable of detecting small drones several kilometers away and neutralizing them.

Every year, the numbers of accidents and victims on the road continue to increase, despite the numerous measures taken to reduce them. While it should be borne in mind that the main cause of fatal accidents is still driver distraction, could technology help reduce these figures? 

The construction sector generates more than 5% of GDP and employs more than one million workers, despite the impact of the 2008 financial crisis. However, its major role in the economy contrasts with its low level of digitalization and innovation, severely limiting its productivity and growth. Currently, only agriculture lags behind in terms of technology implementation. 

From wildfires in Australia, California and even the middle of Siberian Russia, to floods in Asia, desert locusts in Africa, tropical cyclones in the Americas, a record hurricane season in the Atlantic, and the storms that have been buffeting Europe of late, 2020 has witnessed ten meteorological disasters around the world, each having resulted in insured damages worth 1.5 billion dollars, exceeding the total registered in 2019, according to a report published by the NGO Christian Aid, “Counting the cost 2020. A year of climate breakdown.

It will escort and protect the fleet, but it will also operate independently in highly hostile environments.

As a leader in electronic defense, Indra has contributed to the success of the Eurofighter Typhoon on complex international missions such as Libya and Syria. The company will now prepare the fighter plane together with a selected group of partners to protect it against the threats that it will face in the coming decades.

A pilot enters the cockpit of the Eurofighter and takes off from the Siauliai air base in Lithuania. This is a routine mission with which NATO contributes to Baltic nation's the air defense.

Its function is to monitor low Earth orbits, those where most human activity in Space takes place and which extends between 200 and 2,000 kilometers.

We are designing a new concept of multisensor solutions that will equip the air combat aircraft of the future, which will come into service as from 2040 and will face the threats we have to anticipate in order to respond to them when the time comes.

Due to remotely piloted aircraft, spy satellites, ballistic missiles, or cyber attacks, the defense of air space is becoming increasingly complex. Indra, as a leading global company in the industry, is working on the latest generation of systems that will face these threats.

Indra recently presented its anti-drone protection system to the main suppliers of air traffic systems in the world. It was during the last edition of the World ATM Congress held in Madrid last March. We invited some of the bodies that manage air traffic in the most important airports on the planet to witness a real demonstration of their system.