For the first time, the full communication value chain can be sourced from a single company, Indra. We provide a complete communication solution for air traffic controllers and other ATM stakeholders through our class-leading products: GAREX, Neptuno, Park Air and Startical.

GAREX is Indra´s next-generation full VoIP Voice Communication System (VCS) which provides our customer with capabilities for Ground/Air (G/A) data communications, between air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots, and Ground/Ground (G/G) data communications between air traffic controllers and/or air traffic centers for coordination and support, management and administrative personnel.

Neptuno is a recording solution for air traffic management that enables multichannel signal capture in analogue and digital environments. Neptuno is the Indra recording solution for air traffic management. It records with full availability and replays with accuracy the communications of the control centers and operator’s consoles. It has successfully proved its high availability in more than 400 sites on five continents where it has been installed.

Park Air radio communication systems deliver unrivalled RF performance, making them the first choice in demanding global operation environments. The Park Air T6 range covers all VHF and UHF airspace requirements. It benefits from the most advanced cybersecure technologies delivering highly resilient and secure communications.

Startical, a joint venture of ENAIRE and Indra which will launch a satellite constellation specifically designed for ATM. Startical will provide global satellite-based VHF communications and ADS-B surveillance coverage which is key to reducing separation of aircraft in oceanic and remote areas, thus reducing separation standards increasing efficiency and capacity while reinforcing the required level of safety. Additionally, it will serve as a backup for continental areas.