Indra’s Space Radar, one of the most powerful in the world

Its function is to monitor low Earth orbits, those where most human activity in Space takes place and which extends between 200 and 2,000 kilometers.

Located at the Morón Air Base in Seville, it is part of the small group of systems distributed throughout the planet that has a similar range.

Its main function is to monitor the remains of old satellites that have been left abandoned in space. Objects that fly without control at high speed converted into dangerous projectiles.

The data collected by Indra's radar help to catalog these materials and calculate their trajectory. This prevents satellites in service from colliding with them. This data protects the International Space Station and reinforces safety in launches.

In the future, however, Indra's space radar will also have a clear military application. As it is a scalable radar, its sensitivity will be multiplied progressively until it can detect very small objects with enormous precision.

It will be able to track the latest generation of ballistic missiles, which follow exoatmospheric trajectories and are capable of circumventing the surveillance of conventional radars.

It will alert possible intentional attacks with Kamikaze satellites that try to neutralize observation satellites, or key positions for the development of military operations, and the security of a country.

Lastly, it will monitor the activity of spy satellites to know their trajectories and be prepared to make it difficult for them to collect sensitive information.


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