Lean Making

Sustainable innovation

The LeanMaking programme aimed at improving operational efficiency at Minsait involves professionals in process improvement: increasing efficiency and quality.

Indra's professionals are a key part of the company's processes.

Any improvement in efficiency and productivity necessarily requires the commitment and involvement of professionals. Only with their help is it possible to identify inefficiencies, define corrective measures and ensure the successful implementation of corporate processes.

In this spirit, and as part of the Operational Transformation Plan, the LeanMaking programme was launched in 2021, aimed at improving operational efficiency at Minsait. The LeanMaking programme is based on four pillars: process optimisation, management simplification, restructuring of the professional pyramid and offshoring.

In 2022, the programme has focused on increasing autonomy in identifying improvements in operations and has continued to drive the "LeanMaking Belt" initiative that addresses the challenge of digitalisation.

Throughout 2022, nearly 10,000 professionals have been trained and more than 1,600 have contributed improvement ideas to be implemented in processes.

Thanks to the measures implemented within the framework of this programme, the efficiency and quality of processes have been increased, resulting in a reduction in the company's costs. At the same time, the transformation of the work culture has served to develop the skills of employees and prepare them to take on new challenges.

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