New Mobile App, the first of its kind in Europe, to simplify vehicle processes with the DGT

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Given the widespread use of smartphones, the DGT has decided to make them an essential tool for citizens to manage traffic processes. The purpose of this initiative is to provide a simpler and more accessible option from our devices, which can be used to provide citizens with a digital user experience for traffic procedures, replacing processes requiring a personal appointment at its Headquarters or use of the website.

Against this backdrop, Indra has developed a mobile app, the first of its kind in Europe, providing a digital format obtaining a vehicle registration certificate and the vehicle's documentation, which also simplifies the administrative tasks of citizens with the DGT.

Challenges and achievements

Digitalisation of driving documents and processes, turning the citizen's mobile device into the single point of access from anywhere

     With less than 1 year of life:

     +2.5 million downloads

     +780 thousand digital permits

The miDGT mobile app allows +27 million drivers to access procedures related to the Directorate General of Traffic, providing public information on +33 million vehicles, without the need to go to the Traffic Headquarters or access through the electronic headquarters.

Among the functionalities incorporated, the following stand out:
  • Consultation of points, news and warnings
  • Access to vehicle technical data, ITV and insurance
  • Management of appointments and access to vehicle information by number plate
  • Secure payment of fees and penalties
  • DGT procedures: temporary deregistration, purchase and sale of vehicles, physical duplicates of licences, etc.

Diferential value

Simplification of citizens' procedures and the management of vehicle-related formalities

Processes involving citizens
  • Single legal alternative to presenting original physical identification
  • Simple channel that offers easy access to all driving processes
  • Hybrid application (iOS/Android) to allow access to the tool from any mobile device
  • Digital format must be accepted by any commercial institution
  • The receipt of automatic notifications warn of the need to handle a process or the imposition of a new sanction, facilitating its management, payment or appeal
Management of vehicles
  • The warning about procedures that are required can be used to foresee any tasks required by a vehicle, such as an MOT appointment
  • Universal access the vehicle technical data and the option of easily and legally executing the sale/purchase
  • Option of paying fees directly to the DGT, such as registration fees
  • Increasing legal certainty and citizen information
  • Increasing transparency of the processes, enhancing security and eliminating overcharges

Improved accessibility and simplicity in procedures

In Spain, Indra has participated in the digitalisation and automation of the Civil Guard's Traffic Task Force and the DGT's Highway Centre to automatically process traffic complaints, improving their capacities and greatly increasing the efficiency of their activity.