7 February 2024Spain
  • The Sustainability Yearbook, the most prestigious sustainability report, places Indra for the fourth consecutive year in the "Top 1%" of the world's most sustainable companies and as a leader in the IT Services industry, after analyzing the performance of 9,400 companies from five continents
  • Staying at the highest level demanded is a recognition of Indra's ESG strategy and management, which strengthens its position as the technology company best prepared to face the economic, social and environmental challenges of the future
  • Indra stands out for its innovation model, climate commitments, transparency and ethics, respect for human rights and privacy of professionals and clients, training, risk management culture, information security and best tax practices, among others 
Indra Sustainability

Indra has once again topped the global sustainability chart after ranking in the "Top 1%" of the world's most sustainable companies and achieving the best score in the IT Services industry, with 87 points out of 100, in S&P Global's annual sustainability report, "The Sustainability Yearbook 2024". 

Based on the assessment of nearly 9,400 companies from around the world that have completed the annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), the most prestigious sustainability report ranks Indra number 1 ahead of the 18 companies worldwide in the IT Services industry included in this exclusive yearbook, and ahead of the other Spanish companies listed. It is also the only Ibex 35 company leader in its industry. 

Indra also achieved the best score for IT Services in the social and environmental pillars. In the latter, Indra's climate commitments stand out with the highest score (100 points), as it has science-based emission reduction targets formally approved by the SBTi initiative since 2021; as well as the importance it places on transparency in climate grants, which is clearly set out, for example, in the Climate Change risk and opportunity analysis report it publishes in line with the TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure) international reference framework.

In the social dimension, Indra achieved the highest score (100 points) for its transparency in reporting information on professionals and, in particular, on gender issues; Indra has a 33% female workforce, a very positive figure in view of the scarcity of STEM profiles. It also highlights the commitment to respect Human Rights, training and systems and measures to protect the privacy of professionals and customers.

Risk management culture, information security and aspects related to compliance and business ethics also achieved the highest score in the governance pillar. It also highlights Indra's transparency with regard to lobbying, partnerships, and tax matters. 

"Indra remains firmly committed to sustainability, and the Leading the Future strategic plan will reflect our ambition not only to continue to be a leading company but also to help our customers in their sustainable transformation. Technological innovation has the capacity to transform key industries of the economy, and at Indra we have a unique combination of industry knowledge and digital capabilities to be able to do so," says Manuel Ausaverri, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Indra and head of the group's sustainability area.

The Sustainability Yearbook bases its analysis on the public information of the assessed companies and on the exhaustive and prestigious S&P CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment), which, with more than 16,500 data points, is also used to compile the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) in which Indra has been listed for 18 years. The DJSI requires a minimum market capitalization, which is why The Sustainability Yearbook opens up the competition to other smaller companies, hence the larger scope of participation.

The fight against climate change

Indra has also consolidated its position this week as one of the leading companies in the fight against climate change according to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the global benchmark index in this area that recognizes companies that promote transparency and environmental action. The company achieved a score of A-, which recognizes Indra's environmental leadership and disclosure, which has best practices in climate strategy and action, according to frameworks such as the TCFD.

To achieve this level, Indra has undertaken important actions since 2020, such as setting science-based emission reduction targets and creating an ambitious and realistic climate transition plan for all the Group's activities. The role of the Board's Sustainability Committee in monitoring the decarbonization targets set and the involvement of senior management, whose remuneration is linked, among other things, to the achievement of climate targets, have also been key. 

Among the initiatives highlighted are the establishment of an internal carbon price that considers the CO2 factor in the company's decision-making, the promotion of greener suppliers and the training of suppliers in calculating their emissions through training initiatives, and the consideration of eco-design criteria to cut down on the environmental impact of products. Also the improvement of energy efficiency and the increase in the use of green energy, which already accounts for 88% of the Group's energy, the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the work centers or the renewal of the environmental certifications of the work centers (ISO 14001) and the Carbon Footprint certifications (ISO 14064) of the Group's main companies. 

Indra also stands out as a catalyst for technological solutions that contribute to reducing emissions in key industries such as aviation and transportation. Furthermore, innovative energy management solutions to facilitate the energy transition to a distributed resource model that integrates renewable energies efficiently into the energy mix. 

About Indra

Indra (www.indracompany.com) is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, and a world leader in technological engineering for the aerospace, defence and mobility markets and digital transformation and information technologies in Spain and Latin America through its subsidiary, Minsait. Its business model is based on a comprehensive range of proprietary products, with an end-to-end, high-value approach and a significant innovative component, making it the technological partner for the digitalization and key operations of its clients around the world. Sustainability forms part of its strategy and culture in order to overcome current-day and future social and environmental challenges. In the 2022 fiscal year, Indra achieved revenue totaling €3.851 billion, with almost 57,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

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