• This system enables early identification and location of fire outbreaks, thereby facilitating their fast extinction
  • The solution has a range of up to 20 kilometers and operates around the clock
  • The company has already deployed the same technology to protect forests in Spain and Bulgaria 

Indra, one of the leading global consulting and technology firms, has installed the FAEDO forest fire surveillance system in the area of Retín, in Cádiz. The Spanish Navy confided in the company the deployment of this solution to guarantee compliance of its training field in this region with environmental impact and safety requirements.

The technology has installed six automated surveillance points and a control center. Each point is equipped with thermal sensors capable of obtaining precise temperature measurements at distances of up to 20 kilometers.

The core of this Indra system is based upon a sophisticated algorithm that, developed and refined by its engineers over the years, allows for differentiating between small fires and false alarms generated by heat sources that do not entail risk.

These fires are detected as soon as they start, generating an alert that is immediately presented to the command center operator. Using both, day and night cameras, the fire is verified and its exact location is identified on a detailed, 3D model of the terrain. Therefore, the situation is evaluated for decision-making as regards the resources to use and the optimal route for reaching that point.

Efficiency and speed in the extinction minimize environmental impact. The Retín Sierra is protected using FAEDO year-round, twenty-four hours per day, and also during low-visibility conditions.

In addition to detecting fire hot spots, the system allows for monitoring their progress and controlling extinction-related tasks. It offers tools for knowing the location of deployed trucks and resources and for identifying water collection points.

Once the fire is extinguished, all of the data generated by each alert allows for defining the coordinates of the outbreak, for investigating its causes and analyzing extinction task efficiency.

FAEDO has proven its usefulness for protecting natural settings in Spain and Bulgaria, and the solution is sparking international interest.

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