7 February 2018Spain
  • Berta Barrero, Head of Transportation department at Indra, Pere Calvet, President of the International Union of Public Transport, and Mohamed Mezghani, General Secretary of the association, signed the adhesion agreement in Brussels
  • Indra confirms its commitment to the transport sector and places its technological capability and its experience at the disposal of the UITP as one of the leading companies worldwide in smart solutions for a more efficient, more sustainable and safer mobility
  • In addition to participating in the association's studies and events, Indra will be able to reinforce its collaboration with the industry and the main transport authorities and operators worldwide
  • Over 50 countries and more than 100 cities all over the world –among them London, Madrid, Dublin, Medellin, Curitiba, Kuwait and Manila– have entrusted their transport solutions to Indra's technology
Tomás Melero, urban and Interurban Transport director of Indra; Berta Barrero, Head of Transportation department at Indra; Pere Celve

Indra, one of the world's leading consultancy and technology companies, has joined the main global public transport association, the UITP (International Union of Public Transport), with the aim of contributing its technological capability and its experience in the sector to improving urban and interurban mobility, the key mission of this organization.

Berta Barrero, Head of Transportation department at Indra, Pere Calvet, President of the UITP, and Mohamed Mezghani, General Secretary of the association, signed the adhesion agreement in Brussels. “Our incorporation in the UITP is a clear example of our commitment to the transport sector and our willingness to share and capitalize on our know-how in smart solutions and systems to improve mobility and make it more efficient, more sustainable and safer”, said Berta Barrero.

Indra’s incorporation will mean it can take part in the UITP's studies and analyses and the discussion sessions and events it organizes; it will also be able to serve on some of the association's commissions and committees and reinforce its relations with the industry and with the main public transport authorities and operators all over the world, who are also members of the association. In short, it will play an active part in this forum for knowledge and collaboration with its clients.

Innovation-based leadership

Indra is a world leader in smart technology for transport, and has references in over 50 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ireland, China and India. It is a technology provider in some of the most advanced and ambitious transport projects worldwide, and its extensive offer includes particularly the fields of traffic control systems and transport operations, payment collection systems, planning and control systems, communications and transport networks, information systems and support for operations for all transport modes, in addition to security and protection.

Over 100 cities around the world –including London, Madrid, Dublin, Medellin, Curitiba, Kuwait and Manila– have entrusted their urban mobility improvements to Indra solutions. When applied to traffic management and urban and interurban transport, the company's smart technology enables a safer, more efficient and more sustainable mobility by promoting the use of public transport and intermodal urban transport services, thus contributing to reducing congestion and polluting emissions and their corresponding costs.

Indra is among the world's foremost ticketing system operators, with references such as the subways in Madrid, Barcelona, Calcutta, Mumbai, Shanghai, Cairo, Santiago de Chile and Lisbon, trains in Buenos Aires, the suburban railroad in Mexico City, the monorail and subway in Kuala Lumpur, and the light rail systems in St. Louis and Austin (United States). Over 14,600 buses around the world are also managed with the company's technology.

To maintain and reinforce its leadership, Indra has an ongoing commitment to innovation in the sector, and is part of the most important national and international innovation initiatives designed to promote digitization in transport and new smart solutions based on IoT, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. In addition to its participation in Shif2Rail, the main European innovation initiative in the railroad sector, the company spearheads –among others– the macro project entitled Transforming Transport, which uses big data to improve mobility; and the Harmony project, which develops technologies to allow the real-time integration of data from different operators, transport modes and traffic to improve multimodal information services. Other examples include the BeCamGreen project to enable the development of the sustainable urban mobility and traffic restriction strategies already being implemented by numerous cities, and the AUTOCITS project for testing autonomous driving on the roads of Lisbon, Madrid and Paris.

About Indra

Indra is one of the world's top technology and consulting and a technology partner for the key operations of its customers' businesses worldwide. It is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary solutions in niche areas in Transport and Defense Markets and the absolute leader in IT in Spain and Latin America. It offers a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and cutting edge services with a high added value in technology based on a unique culture of reliability, flexibility and adaptability to the needs of its customers. Indra is a world leader in the development of end-to-end technology solutions in fields such as Defense and Security, Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Telecommunications and Media, Financial Services, Electoral Processes, and Public Administrations and Healthcare. Minsait is Indra’s digital transformation business unit. In 2016 Indra posted a revenue of €2,709m, employed 34,000 professionals, and had a local presence in 46 countries plus sales operations in more than 140 countries. Following its acquisition of Tecnocom, Indra's combined revenue amounted to more than €3,200m in 2016 with a team of nearly 40,000 professionals.