29 April 2024Spain
  • The company will comprehensively manage the fare collection system for the trams, buses, the national rail network, as well as the future Dublin MetroLink using its innovative technology and its ability to manage complex projects
  • Indra’s solution will improve the user experience with an accessible design and facilitate payment with a bank card (EMV) or mobile phone, constantly guaranteeing the best fares and discounts thanks to Indra’s Account-Based Ticketing management system
  • This contract will position Indra as the primary ticketing technology solutions provider in Ireland and reinforce its position in the English-speaking market, in which it has won major contracts in recent years in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia
The National Transport Authority of Ireland

Indra will manage one of the world’s most important automatic fare collection projects, encompassing the entire public transport network in Ireland with an account-based model. The National Transport Authority of Ireland (NTA), has chosen Indra as its strategic partner to provide this service and work together for ten years, a period that can be extended by a further ten, after awarding it the status of ticketing partner in a single supplier Framework Agreement. This is a significant contract worth hundreds of millions of euros over the potential term of the contract. Indra won this project after a lengthy bidding process conducted by the NTA. 

As part of the solution, Indra will implement a multi-modal backend system to facilitate the integration of multiple transport operators. It will deploy and operate virtual and physical sales channels, including a retail network for the sale of transport tickets, with a design suited to all users of public transportation. Indra will also handle the financial management of the fare collection process, equipping the entire network with state-of-the-art sales, validation and control equipment, providing support for public transport customers, carrying out the maintenance, logistics and operation of the whole system. Indra’s project will incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as the use of a bank card, mobile phone or smartwatch (EMV) as a means of accessing transportation. Indra will now work with NTA to agree the timeframe for the rollout of the new system.

Indra’s project will incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as the use of a bank card, mobile phone or smartwatch (EMV), as a means of accessing transportation, a system enhancing travellers’ flexibility and comfort. Indra is working with NTA to agree on the deadline for the implementation of the new system. Moreover, thanks to Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), a much more advanced and efficient model, customers will be guaranteed the best fares and discounts in keeping with their profile or the group to which they belong. 
Raúl Ripio, Indra’s general manager of Mobility & Technology, rated this contract as a “great success”, as “it strengthens Indra as one of the three or four companies in the world with the management and technological capacity to undertake a project with this ambition and complexity in one of the most tech-oriented countries in Europe, serving as a benchmark for numerous other projects and countries due to its innovative management model”. 

Bernard Higgins, NTA’s Director of Transport Technology congratulated Indra on their success and noted that “the awarding of this contract to Indra represents a significant milestone for the NTA and for transport customers in Ireland. We look forward to working with Indra in coming years to design and implement a modern, flexible, integrated and future proofed transport ticketing solution that best serve the needs of our customers across the country”.

Sustainable mobility as a service

The technological solution developed by Indra will drive sustainable and accessible mobility in Ireland, focusing on constantly improving the passenger experience, reducing waiting times, promoting the use of public transport and increasing confidence in the transport system. The solution is designed to be integrated into a future Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offering.

Indra has a unique track record in terms of mobility, with over 2,500 mobility projects undertaken worldwide. More than 100 cities around the world, including Riyadh, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Sydney and Manila, have relied on Indra’s solutions to make their mobility more efficient, connected, safe and sustainable.

About Indra

Indra (www.indracompany.com) is one of the leading global defence, aerospace and technology companies, as well as a leader of the digital transformation and information technology in Spain and Latin America through its Minsait subsidiary. Its business model is based on a comprehensive range of high-value proprietary products and a high degree of innovation, making it the technological partner for the digitalisation and key operations of its customers around the world. Sustainability is part of its strategy and culture, in order to respond to present and future social and environmental challenges. In the 2023 financial year, Indra achieved revenues totalling €4,343 million euros, with more than 57,000 employees, a presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

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