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  • Indra's advanced solution will increase the toll capacity and efficiency of this highway, which acts as the main gateway to the country for goods traffic arriving from all over the world
  • The Dublin Tunnel connects the port to the country's main motorways, and so the improvements Indra will introduce will have a direct impact on the entire road network
  • With this contract, Indra strengthens its position in Ireland, where it has implemented the cloud interoperability platform that facilitates the use of all toll highways in the country and is developing the new national rail traffic management system, among other projects
Motorway toll

Indra will completely modernise the toll technology of the Dublin Tunnel to increase the capacity and smooth flow of traffic at a critical point for transport links throughout Ireland, as it is the main entry point for goods traffic into the country. The system, which will incorporate free-flow access (meaning that the majority of drivers will not have to stop their vehicles) and the most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 3D LIDAR, will be in service by the end of next year.

Indra won this contract, awarded by Egis Roads & Tunnel Operation Ireland (ERTO), with against strong international competition. ERTO is contracted to Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII, Ireland’s National Roads Authority), to operate and maintain the Dublin Tunnel. ERTO's prime responsibility is to manage all processes associated with the operation and maintenance of the Dublin Tunnel, including toll collection.

The Dublin Tunnel is one of the critical points for the country's transport network, as it connects the capital's port with the road network via the M50, thus preventing heavy road traffic from affecting city life and facilitating its distribution to the rest of the country.

“We are very proud that ERTO has placed their trust in Indra to carry out a project of this nature, which, in addition to improving traffic, aims above all to enhance people's quality of life, further boost the country's economy and make Ireland a leader in terms of smart management of its infrastructure, which will be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly," said Mark Rocky, Director of Mobility Business Development in Europe at Indra.

Indra will approach the project in a comprehensive manner, taking responsibility for the entire process, from the planning and design of the new system to its installation, testing, final delivery and maintenance.

The solution will incorporate the most advanced free-flow toll features to speed up the passage of frequent users and, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, will be able to detect, classify and identify vehicles without the need to install any sensors on the road surface, facilitating maintenance and avoiding possible closures. Indra will equip all toll lanes with identical capabilities, so that the operator will be able to adapt the configuration to the needs arising at any given time. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art 3D LIDAR will provide real-time information on the number and type of vehicles on the road, making it easier for the operator to make decisions.

Furthermore, Indra will fully automate the management of all transactions involving vehicles that are exempt from payment, that make payments electronically or that have some kind of special feature, all with the aim of reducing the operator's workload as much as possible and multiplying their efficiency. It will also implement a new, much more modern back-office system that will streamline transactions, payment management and oversight of all financial capabilities, as well as generating detailed reports that will provide the operator with a better perspective for strategic planning.

Finally, the new system will be integrated with the platform that facilitates interoperability among all the country's highway managers, known as the Interoperability Management Platform, which Indra has also implemented for the Transport Infrastructure Ireland. This advanced toll interoperability management platform, deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud, means that users don’t have to know which manager operates each toll road; rather, they can pay for all of them conveniently from a single account.

Indra has worked closely with the Irish operator ERTO since 2006, when it supplied the intelligent transport systems (ITS) and the control system that is currently being used in the Dublin tunnel, based on Indra's In-Mova Traffic system for traffic and infrastructure management. These solutions have been responsible for supervising, for more than fifteen years, all aspects of operations management and security at one of the busiest traffic points in the country.

Indra is one of the world's leading providers of mobility technologies, with more than 2,500 projects developed in over 100 cities and more than 50 countries on five continents.

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