31 March 2017España
  • For the first time, university, companies and Security Corps and Forces join efforts to promote training and to attract talent in cybersecurity and cyberdefense
  • A Cybersecurity competition was held at the classrooms of UAM, bringing together university students and experts from the Civil Guard, Joint Cyber Defense Force and INCIBE
  • Minsait provided its FEE(P) Cyber Range training platform with real scenarios in a secure environment
  • The exponential growth of cyberattacks is increasing the demand for qualified professionals with real experience in this field

Minsait, the Indra business unit that addresses the challenges posed by digital transformation, has collaborated with the National Cybersecurity Excellence Center (CNEC), the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), and the Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid (FUAM) in organizing a competition on cybersecurity and cyberdefense, aimed at testing the capabilities of this sector's future professionals.

The exercise counted with the participation of the most knowledgeable university students in this field and experts from the Civil Guard, the Joint Cyber Defense Force and the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE).

The team-based challenges were faced using the Minsait FEE(P) Cyber Range platform, a virtual operations camp that simulates real cyberattacks in a completely realistic yet secure environment.

The participants competed during four hours to be the winners in resolving the problems proposed by the Minsait team. Some of these challenges entailed, for example, demonstrating their capacity for obtaining data stored in virtual servers deployed in the FEE(P) Cyber Range platform, for which they had to first analyze the existing systems to exploit different types of vulnerabilities.

Other tests were related with detecting evidence left in a system by a cyberdelinquent, or with identifying the vulnerabilities of a website to prevent its attack.

This competition has intended to take a step forward in reinforcing training for university students on cybersecurity and to raise awareness on this issue. It was also useful for detecting talented youth and for consolidating the pool of experts in a sector in which the demand for professionals grows in parallel to the exponential increase of cyberattacks. 

Likewise, the tasks also contributed toward drawing closer the worlds of university, companies like Indra that, through its Minsait business unit, develop technologies and offer services associated with cybersecurity, and public security forces and corps involved in the fight against cybercrime. 

The competition also helps to exceed traditional training methods, mostly based on theoretical understanding of content, by offerings students a real experience in positioning them before scenarios and situations that are identical to those they will face in the real world.

This way, the Minsait platform supports intensive training, whether individual or group, on techniques and tactics related with cyberdefense, cyberattacks and forensic analyses, addressing practically any specialization: reversing, malware analysis, cryptography, web attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), etc.

Currently, estimates are that, on average, companies and institutions take about 200 days to detect a cyberattack and another 40 days to resolve it. Counting with properly trained staff could avoid half of these attacks and notably shorten the number of days it takes to detect them.

About Minsait

Minsait (www.minsait.com) is the Indra business unit that tackles the challenges posed by digital transformation to companies and institutions. Its offer is focused on achieving immediate and tangible results. Indra has grouped its entire digital business technology and consulting solutions under Minsait, which has established itself as one of the leading companies in said market in Spain. Minsait is characterized for its differential methodology, a broad portfolio of business solutions, a proprietary and unique sales model, delivery and support aimed at impact generation, and a flexible organization based on multidisciplinary teams, comprised of specialists with very specific profiles. Minsait completes Indra's existing offering of high-value vertical products, helping to orientate all services to cater to clients' key business needs, and thus becoming a driving force behind their growth.

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