3 December 2010Spain
  • The POSET platform will make people within the spectrum of autism, Asperger syndrome or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more independent in their jobs.
  • The Indra-Adecco Foundation Accessible Technologies Chairs have delivered over 12 R&D&I projects in order to promote access to technology and the integration of people with disabilities.
  • The signature coincides with the “Share Accessible Technologies” campaign which was conceived to promote the initiative and create awareness of disabilities through the company’s season’s greetings.

December 3, 2010.-The Vice-chancellor of the University of Extremadura, Francisco Duque, Indra’s Director of Relations with the University, Carlos Fernández and the General Manager of Adecco, Francisco Mesonero, signed today in Caceres the startup of the POSET R&D project which seeks to develop a task sequence system to facilitate entry of people with cognitive disabilities into the labour market.

The project is within the framework of Indra-Adecco Foundation Accessible Technologies Chairs in cooperation with several universities. The objective is to develop innovative solutions and services to help people with disabilities integrate and gain access to technology.

This is the second project of the Chair, created in February this year. It will be developed simultaneously with the first project, DIUWA 2.0. This way, the commitment of Indra and The Adecco Foundation with corporate responsibility and the activities of the Chair is reaffirmed.

The portal and task sequencer (POSET) aims to develop a system for employment centres and occupational therapy workshops so that people within the spectrum of autism, Asperger syndrome or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have the possibility to become more independent in their jobs.

Through the portal, a person will be assigned a certain task to be carried out in steps shown in continuous video images. Thanks to the solution, workers will be able to know the stage they are in, the way a task is performed and proceed. This way their dependence on other people will decrease.

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