ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) for the South Pacific - Guadalajara and Tepic Highways

Intelligent Traffic technology and toll system for the Guadalajara - Tepic Highways

To launch the ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems), the constructor Ideal required the availability of CCTV systems powered by renewable energies to manage traffic on the South Pacific - Guadalajara and Tepic Highways.

It was necessary to optimize the design and resize the power generation, regulation and accumulation facilities.

Proposed solution

Renewable energies management system for road infrastructures

Real-time monitoring of power supply systems for ITS devices powered by renewable energies

To resolve this problem, Indra developed a software subsystem for the real-time monitoring of energy-related variables, such as generated power, consumed power, battery charge level and autonomy. Implementation of a monitoring system for renewable energy connections, including the installation of software and hardware. Solar energy is used as the power supply.

The system includes a completely innovative measurement system to monitor the status and level of the battery charge. These are also displayed through a graphic interface on the HORUS platform, a solution developed by Indra for the comprehensive management of roads and tunnels.


Real-time information on power-related functioning.

Important useful information for controlling renewable energy systems deployed along the highways

The benefits contributed by the system are as follows:

• Real-time data on battery status, charge level and autonomy of devices in operation

• Real-time information on energy consumptions, as well as power-related variables, in order to monitor the actual electrical status of the ITS devices

• Improvement in preventive and corrective maintenance by providing the information systems with real-time, power-related parameters

• Enables the validation of design hypotheses for generation, regulation and accumulation devices


Energy savings and technological innovation


• Promotion of technological innovation

• Drive the use of renewable energies


• Paving the way for new Smart Mobility projects


• Energy savings

• System sustainability