Tactical air navigation systems, TACANs, provide azimuth information (bearing) to military aircraft and slant range information (distance) to military and civilian aircraft. It is available in three configurations; fixed-based, shipboard and man-portable.

Indra’s TACAN includes GaN technology for a fully modern TACAN with the most efficient, fully redundant power amplification in the world to maximize availability and performance. The Indra TACAN was flight certified in 2022.

The Indra Shipboard TACAN is the world’s most technologically advanced, full service TACAN beacon, providing the ability to outfit commercial and military vessels with navigation aid coverage to support aviation assets.

The Indra Man-Portable TACAN provides a lightweight capability to rapidly deploy, operate, sustain, and support aviation assets in remote areas in all environments and weather conditions. It is designed to be used in harsh environments and can easily be carried by two persons. It is used to provide full navigation services at otherwise unequipped airfields, for improvised airfields, or to restore airfield services after natural disaster, mishap, or attack. A remote-control status unit (RCSU) is also available which provides remote capabilities.