Indra, strategic technology provider for the Santiago Metro since 2003

   "Metro Awards" 2012

   Best Metro in América

For nearly 20 years, Indra has been one of the main supervisors of the Santiago Metro's ticketing systems, collaborating in its development, renewal and maintenance. We started collaborating with Santiago Metro in 2003 and since then the Santiago Metro has become one of the most advanced public transport operators in Latin America, with a constant commitment to increasing the coverage, efficiency and safety of its network through technological innovation.

Currently, it has expanded its services to close to 3 million passengers per day, participating in 60% of public transport trips in the city of Santiago, and has opted for universal accessibility, including systems dedicated to people with reduced mobility. Its effort was recognised in 2012 with the "Best Metro in America" award of the London "Metro Awards".

To improve network systems, Indra has adapted the ticketing equipment to the latest trends, improving the back office system, adding new payment methods, and offering a 24x7 non-stop maintenance service, among other actions.

Challenges and achievements

Renewal of validation systems, back office and operational support equipment, with on-site and 24x7 remote assistance



Indra has deployed +1,000 validator machines with 7" TFT screens with sounds and phrases that are integrated with the 8 types of access controls used in the metro network. The new validator machines, adapted to the latest payment trends, improve the previous validation system, allowing payment by credit card (EMV payments), NFC or reading QR codes, as well as the Santiago Metro's contactless smart cards (Bip!), facilitating passengers' access to the Metro network.

In addition, Indra's solution has provided a new second-generation Back Office system that implements the use of new payment methods enabled by validator machines, along with a new encryption and security system.

Differential value

Advanced, plug & play systems, integrated in the Metro Clearing to enable top-up through the validator and card payment


Indra has provided for the validators a universal “plug & play” design that simplifies the installation, operation and maintenance of the systems. Our solution has deployed a common validator, based on control board installed, which functions as the interface between the turnstile and the validator, enabling our validator to communicate with the various access control points present in the Santiago Metro network, without the need for any configuration.

In addition, our systems are integrated into the Santiago Metro's Clearing system, which allows travellers to top up their cards online from the website, completing a smart top-up process through the validator, not requiring the use of totems that were previously used to top up tickets and cards before the access control points.

Indra's comprehensive solution is completed with a 24x7 remote and on-site maintenance service, guaranteeing the operational continuity of ticketing systems at all times.

Technological cooperation

The “Social outbreak" of 2019 in Chile caused serious damage to Santiago Metro's facilities.

The effort of Indra was key to recovering 82% of the system (111 stations) in just 2 months (Nov.-Dec.).