The high-speed train for pilgrims

The Saudi government and SRO (Saudi Railways Organization) tendered the construction, operation and maintenance of a high-speed train between the two holy cities of Islam, joining the two cities with a 450 km line and three intermediate stations.

The second stage was awarded to the Spanish-Saudi consortium Al-Shoula for the construction of the superstructure (track, electrification, signaling, control and communications centers), the delivery of 35 high-speed trains, and the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure for 12 years.

Within this consortium, Indra is responsible for control centers (rail management and operation assistance systems and the consortium's management systems), communications (fixed and mobile), security (CCTV, access control and fire detection), traveler information systems, ticketing systems and reservations and sales.

Proposed solution

State-of-the-art systems for real-time operation and management of railway infrastructures

• Indra will design, equip and implement the line's operation and control center, located in Jeddah, and the backup center

• Both centers will be equipped with the Da Vinci system, developed by Indra and the intellectual property of Adif, which is considered the world's most advanced rail traffic management platform

• Integration of all the remote control systems (interlocks, energy, ERTMS, detectors)

• Operation planning and real-time traffic monitoring system

• Future traffic condition predictions and automatic routing of trains • Geographical information system and generation of reports and scorecards

• Integrated system for driving and traffic training

• Implementation of surveillance and security systems for the installations, including closed-circuit television (CCTV) with digital IP technology

• Comprehensive solution for fixed and mobile telecommunications that provides the infrastructure needed by all other systems (signaling, ticketing, passenger information, etc.)

• Latest-generation contactless technology for issuance and automatic and manual sale of tickets, incorporating electronic payment, and for the access control systems


Maximum security and control over railway traffic management

450 kilometers and an estimated volume of over 160,000 passengers daily

• The Mecca-Medina high-speed train strengthens Spain's position as a benchmark in high-speed thanks to Indra's solution

• The Da Vinci system allows for the integration of railroad traffic management, since a single solution includes all the necessary systems for operating a railway line

• The integrated system for driving and traffic training developed by Indra is based on an ideal simulation environment that allows new features to be tested under real-life conditions