R&D&i projects result of a clear vision, ongoing effort and global combination of talent. Our "innodiversity": ability to respond to clients' diversity, existing technologies and geographical markets entails dominating a great amount of technologies that evolve at great speed and that are applied across many sectors.

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Project Financed by Section
COHESIVE: COHErent Setup and Demonstration of Integrated Travel SerVices European Commission Rail traffic
CONNECTIVE: Connecting and Analysing the Digital Transport Ecosystem European Commission Rail traffic
SMARTSIT: Resistive Magnetic Sensors for Intelligent Transportation Systems CDTI - Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development Tráfico vial Ports and waterways
NFMD: Network for Future Media Distribution European Commission Media Telecom
ENACT: Trustworthly and Smart Actuation in IoT systems European Commission Transport and traffic Rail traffic
C-ROADS SPAIN: Platform of European Member States working on the deployment of harmonised and interoperable C-ITS European Commission Transport and traffic
POSTDATA: Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data European Commission Public Administration
IN4WOOD: Industry 4.0 for Wood and Furniture Manufacturers European Commission Industry Digital Consultoría
SENSIBLE: Storage ENabled SustaInable Energy for BuiLdings and communitiEs European Commission Energía
HARMONY: Viability Analysis on the harmonization of common data type categories for the road & public transport network European Commission Transport and traffic Tráfico vial