Eurofighter Typhoon, the largest military cooperation programme in Europe

Eurofighter Typhoon (formerly Eurofighter 2000) is the main joint-development and production programme for fighter aircraft in Europe. Designed and built by a consortium of companies under contract with NETMA on behalf of four nations: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain.

With 599 aircraft on order from eight nations (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait), Eurofighter Typhoon is the largest military cooperation programme in Europe.

Eurofighter was conceived as an Industrial programme, which promoted the participation of the Spanish Industry in different areas of the programme, with the purpose of achieving high industrial returns and strengthening the aeronautical industrial framework in Spain.

In this setting, Indra has been earning status and relevance in the programme and is currently a key Industrial Partner and considered a benchmark Supplier of the programme.

As a result of this process, we have become a Technology Partner for this Spanish Client in the key aspects of the programme, such as: Avionic Support and maintenance, customised Simulation Solutions, Development/Integration of new capabilities, Support for Deployment and Real Operations, etc.

Similarly, we also participate in the development of the key elements that make this state-of-the-art aircraft a superior model, such as the Captor Radar, the Praetorian self-defence system, as well as other avionic equipment.

Proposed solution

Participation: Global Position

We also participate in the development, production and maintenance of the key elements that make this state-of-the-art aircraft a superior model, such as the Captor Radar, the Praetorian self-defence system, as well as many other pieces of avionic equipment.

We participate in the development and production of the main subsystems of the Platform (Radar, Self-Defence, Communication, Flight Control, Navigation, Tools, etc.).

We are leaders in offering first and second-stage Test Solutions for maintenance and in synthetic training systems (Simulation) on the platform.

We participate in the main platform improvements (E-SCAN, DASS, LITENING, Communications, MIDS, etc.) as well as in the development of the main support equipment (ASTA/PSTS Simulator, GPATE, E-RATE, DATE test equipment, etc.).

We are the leading company in Avionic engineering solutions, support services and maintenance.


Indra’s experience and technology are present in the main improvements of the platform

All of the above factors have led Spain to become a key client in the programme, being a benchmark in organic abilities, which entail a level of autonomy and savings in certain areas of the programme that is far superior to that of any other nation.

Indra is the benchmark industrial partner in this process.

In addition, the Eurofighter programme has created a large number of highly-qualified jobs in Spain (in the case of Indra, around 500 direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs), where a highly-valued technological know-how for the national aeronautical industry resides, enabling it to compete on equal terms with the leading European suppliers.

It is also worth mentioning the economic benefit of an industrial programme like this one, since more than 50% of the State’s investment is recovered through taxes.

The participation and significance of Indra in the programme enables, among other things: Maintaining/acquiring National Know-How on State-of-the-Art Aeronautical Technology . National Autonomy in the Development/Operation/Maintenance of the system. Taking a technological leap forward, reaching new capabilities. Maintenance/Increase in activity and national employment, both in the Development and Production as well as in the future operation and maintenance of the System.


Indra’s solutions are a benchmark for all other Nations and Clients in the Eurofighter community

We have become the benchmark technological partner of the Spanish Client in the key aspects of the programme, thanks to our developments and relevant position in the programme:

Avionic Support and Maintenance: The support service in Spain is based on a close cooperation between the Spanish client and Indra, in which Indra provides:

  • Customised Test solutions developed with 1st and 2nd Tier Maintenance
  • Engineering services for the recovery of units across the nation
  • Technical assistance for the operation and use of the Combat System

Customised Simulation Solutions:

Leading company in the Development, Production and Support for the operation of the ASTA simulators. National Development of a low-cost simulator, tailored to the needs of the Spanish Client (Part Task Trainer).

Development/Integration of new Capacities

  • Indra leads Spain’s participation in the development of the platform’s new Electronic Scanning Radar, with an unprecedented level of participation and technological complexity in the system
  • Indra leads the Spanish participation in the Development Plan of the PRAETORIAN DASS defence system
  • Indra leads the Integration Programme, supply and support of the platform’s LITENING POD to improve its air-to-ground performance
  • Indra is a member of the EuroMIDS company, responsible for the development of the Data Link 16 (MIDS-LVT)
  • ndra leads the Spanish participation in the development of Simulation and synthetic training systems, etc

Deployment provides support for Deployments and Real Operation of the Combat System (such as the International Baltic Air Policing Missions and those of the Red Flag).