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How innovation contributes to sustainable development

The development of innovative technology is one of the cornerstones of our strategy. To ensure our long-term success, we must ensure that our products are innovative and adapted to current and future market demands.


Our technologies

We innovate in a wide variety of technology disciplines that are key to building and strengthening our approach for the future. Selecting the right key technologies is vital to consolidate our competitive position.

We research in areas such as Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity; and we develop digital solutions for sectors that are key to sustainable development: smart cities, transportation, air traffic, energy, e-Health, financial services, industry, security, defense, space and simulation.


Innovation programs

We are the first Spanish company and the second European company in the European Union's Horizon 2020 Program (H2020) thanks to our research, technological development, demonstration and innovation activities. In addition, we are the first Spanish company in terms of economic return in the Transport sector (SESAR, Shift2Rail, Clean Sky...) and the second globally.

We are one of the Spanish companies (and in our sector in Europe) that invests the most in R&D&I, according to the latest EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard ranking of the European Commission, and our aim is to maintain a leading position in this ranking.


Continuous improvement in R&D&I

We seek excellence and continuous improvement in the field of R&D&I, ensuring the maintenance of the AENOR R&D&I Model Certification, through national certification UNE 166002, and European certification, CEN/TS 16555. In 2023 the certifications associated to 16 centres have been succesfully renewed accounting for more than 95% of the company's economic investment in innovation.


Clean Technology

Through innovation and technology we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our role in the fight against climate change goes far beyond our corporate policies. Through our most innovative offerings, we generate a positive impact on the environment:


Climate Change

We design space technology to fight climate change from space.


Sustainable Mobility

We apply Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to move towards a more environmentally friendly transport model and air, maritime, rail and road infrastructures.


Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Our technologies for the energy sector facilitate the digital transformation towards the energy transition.


Sustainable cities

We transform cities into Smart cities with lower environmental impact and circular economy models.