Approved suppliers

In more than 86 countries around the world




Local purchases

Made to local suppliers




Critical suppliers evaluated

With ESG criteria (environment, social, governance)



Supplier Management


Trust and transparency

We consider our suppliers to be fundamental partners of our business with whom we build a relationship based on trust and transparency.


Ethics and ESG criteria

We incorporate social and environmental criteria in our relationship with our suppliers, whom we ask to commit to our Code of Ethics and Sustainability Policy.


Supporting local suppliers

We promote the economic development of the communities in which we operate by encouraging the contracting of local suppliers.


Fostering collaboration with SMEs

The trust that Indra places in the numerous SMEs that form part of its supply chain helps them to grow and improve in parallel with the company, generating a positive impact on the development of the local business fabric.

Environmental requirements for suppliers

In our general conditions of purchase, we include a specific clause regarding compliance with environmental regulations. For suppliers where applicable, compliance with the REACH chemicals regulation is required.


Occupational health and safety procedures with suppliers

Our approved suppliers must comply with the applicable local regulations in reference to Occupational Risk Prevention, as well as the derived legislation. Our suppliers undertake to provide the documentation required of them in relation to compliance with these obligations within the framework of the services provided.


Principles of respect for Human Rights with suppliers

We promote and defend the protection of Human Rights in our supply chain, requiring all approved suppliers to accept and comply with our Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and the Supplier Sustainability Policy, which are both included in the general contracting conditions.

Our Human Rights Policy and Supplier Sustainabilty Policy are both mandatory for all suppliers.


Impact on the local community

Through purchases from local suppliers, we contribute to the development and growth of the communities' business fabric. In 2023, 82% of purchases were made from local suppliers.