TfL has entrusted the management and operation of 12 road tunnels in London to Indra


In just two years, Indra has been capable of implementing and operating the Horus system, as part of its Mova Traffic solutions in London, integrating it into the different local systems and migrating the entire operation of London's tunnels to two new control centres.

To this end, it has embarked upon an in-depth design process that involved more than 100 professionals in Spain and the United Kingdom, and more than 2,000 field test cases during the migration period, in which more than 20 companies participated.

Indra has thus demonstrated the reliability of its Horus system when it comes to traffic management and its capacity as a company to successfully lead and execute complex projects in the world's most demanding environments.

Challenges and achievements

Centralised, integrated operation of London's 12 city tunnels managed by Transport for London (TFL)

     Integrated management in 12 tunnels

     + 1,000 incidents a month managed

     + 77,000 AADT

     (Annual Average Daily Traffic)

     + 6,000 devices and 1,500 CCTVs

Using the Horus system, as part of the Mova Traffic Solutions, Indra has responded to the main demands of TfL:  

  • Specifically develop 30% of our platform to adapt it to the needs of LSTOC as part of the project's execution
  • We have integrated with more than 15 local systems to provide a unified user interface for operators
  • We have managed to migrate the option of 12 tunnels to two new control centres, with no impact on the availability of infrastructures
  • From Horus, operators can now control more than 10,000 assets in London

Indra understands that the success of a project that is this complex is not only reliant on having a good product, but also on our capacity as a supplier to guide customers and generate confidence in them when tackling the most complex parts, such as integrations with third parties and migrations from operation centres.

Differential value

Maximum availability service, which optimises the operation and response to incidents

The distributed Horus architecture deployed, with two new control centres and two geographically separate CPDs, has established system availability at 99.99%, including software and hardware components supplied and maintained by Indra.

The integration of the operations of the 12 London tunnels in a single platform simplifies and provides cost savings to TfL in terms of training new operators and improves operations with centralised activity reports.

Automatic and centralised management reduces the incident response in LSTOC to a matter of minutes, eliminating human errors and increasing security.

Engineering capabilities in highly demanding environments

In just two years, Indra has rolled out and commissioned the Horus system in London.

In this space of time, the system was rolled out in two CPDs and two new control centres with the operation of the 12 London tunnels migrated to the new control centres.

This entire process was completed without affecting the operation or availability of existing systems at any time, in compliance with Britain's demanding safety regulations