ICAO has established standards and recommended practices which require all contracting States to introduce a properly organized Quality Management System. This will ensure that quality requirements for all Aeronautical Data, including Aerodrome Mapping Data, Obstacle Data, Terrain Data etc. are achieved, as this will contribute towards the implementation of the ICAO ASBUs, CNS/ATM and PBN concepts. Furthermore, in Europe, the Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010, as part of the Interoperability Framework (Regulation (EU) 552/2004), lays down additional legal requirements for aeronautical data and systems for the Single European Sky Solution.


The Data Origination Upstream Portal is equipped with a comprehensive workflow engine to ensure that the collect and collate activities of all incoming changes are managed in a pre-defined quality process.

  • Workflow engine features include: 
  • Fully configurable workflows 
  • Role-based responsibilities
  • Automatic notifications
  • Traceability and Legal Recording 
  • Reporting

In order to support complex origination and approval workflows involving different organizations and units, the workflow engine enables an extension of the process even before the submission of the data to the AIS Centre.

The Upstream Portal is delivered pre-configured based on the Indra Standard Workflow implementing ICAO and regional requirements, and uses the Indra AIM AIXM 5.1 Database, AIP and Charting Solution. The main workflow applications for data origination are: 

  • Change Request Management
  • Obstacle Survey Management
  • Procedure Design Management