The hub for decision-making and operation of Malaga's Subway

A technological partner and integrator for the implementation of the Malaga Subway control center

The Malaga Subway requires the design, installation and implementation of a control center for operating its network.

To do so, all the supervision and control functions of the subway lines will be centralized and will manage and coordinate all incidents occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our comprehensive management solution for the installations provides an overall real-time picture of the network status, operating in an integrated manner and centralized from a single point. Optimizing resource needs, integrating a wide variety of systems and standardizing and making the operation more flexible.

Proposed solution

Comprehensive solution for railroad control centers

  • A platform with a single access point and centralized management of the profiles used for operating the control center
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of its installations, through integration of our Energy SCADA, fixed-installation SCADA, access control, CCTV and ticketing
  • Integrated alarm management, with the option to display video images in real time
  • Integrated management and unified processing of control center communications: TETRA, administrative telephony and intercom system. Through an intuitive, user-friendly solution that isolates the user from the communication channel being employed
  • Definition of a standard integration architecture for exchanging information between heterogeneous systems. Design conventions and patterns to facilitate the incorporation of new systems and the growth of the control center
  • Design and installation of hardware equipment and fixtures for the control center's operator room and DPC (Data Protection Center). Contributing Indra's expert knowledge in the design and installation of this type of center


High-performance, unified, centralized management

Ability to anticipate, minimizing risks and successfully completing its implementation

  • Metro Subway will have a versatile, flexible, multidisciplinary management center
  • Real-time control of its installations to reduce operational costs and facilitate dynamic analysis and decision-making
  • Malaga Subway has become the main reference of our comprehensive control solution for metropolitan railroad network environments
  • Increased effectiveness in human resources and operation management