Improving traffic flow and reducing travel time

Reducing travel time for the 11 million inhabitants of Metro Manila

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) sought to improve traffic flow and reduce travel times, optimizing not only vehicular movement but also that of persons, goods and services.

It was essential for the MMDA to have a long-term solution capable of managing the transit of more than 11 million people in Metro Manila, the country's main business, retail and industry hub.


Integrated mobility management platform

Advanced control center, equipped with Indra's Hermes solution

Strategically positioned CCTV cameras are viewable from the control center on a video wall composed of 36, 50-inch monitors

Indra implemented the Hermes solution, a complete, centralized urban traffic management system, as the mobility solution for Metro Manila. This system has a state-of-the-art control center and an advanced integrated management platform that can simultaneously manage and coordinate the different systems.

This solution's integrated systems are as follows:

  • Centralized stoplight system
  • CCTV system

The latest generation software based on algorithms manages 90 stoplight intersections and optimizes traffic plans using real-time data gathered from over 600 detectors that are strategically located at each intersection.


Technology in the service of mobility

Improved mobility in the main metropolitan area of the Philippines

  • Improved urban traffic control and management
  • Improved stoplight status data available in real time
  • Improved data on traffic-related incidents
  • Adaptation of vehicular traffic speed
  • Thanks to the platform's scalability, additional signal systems and new solutions can gradually be incorporated, meaning MMDA will be able to further improve its smart mobility management system in the future


Main results obtained by the MMDA

  1. Cost savings and significant reduction in polluting elements
  2. Improved road safety
  3. Decrease in holdup times