Smart management of mobility systems

Provider of the smart mobility management technological platform of the reference city for smart and sustainable transport and mobility

The increasing number of vehicles traveling in cities has transformed traffic management into a citizen service that requires the highest technological investment and boost in recent years. This has allowed cities to create smart mobility management systems that have acted as a model and basis for creating other smart services.

Over the last three years, Medellin has become a model to be imitated with regards to integral, smart and sustainable mobility management.

Indra's technology has allowed Medellin to shift toward a smart city model and to make progress in its commitment to sustainable mobility, for which the second largest city in Colombia has been granted the International Sustainable Transport Award 2012.

Proposed solution

Monitoring and tracking of traffic in real time

Technological leaders in Smart Traffic and Transport management, providing tools for mobility managers that improve the habitability and sustainability of cities

Implementation in Medellin of the HERMES platform for integrating and managing existing mobility systems into a single, smart system through new integrated management solutions of added value.

The HERMES platform offers integrated monitoring and management of:

  • Stoplight control system
  • CCTV system and automated incident detection
  • User information system through variable message signs
  • Photodetection system
  • Logistics planning system
  • Incident management system
  • Information management system
  • Public transportation system

The non-proprietary and modular solution proposed by Indra allows for applying global policies on mobility that include public and private transport and directly involve the citizen as a basic part of smart mobility management.


Integrated, smart infrastructure management

Leaders in the smart management of transport and mobility, managing infrastructures in over 40 countries

  • Centralized, global solution that allows for the integrated, smart management of the city's existing mobility infrastructures
  • Decrease in incident detection time
  • Optimization of resource management
  • Fewer accidents
  • Improved decision-making processes

Integrated mobility management permits, using existing systems, improving planning and management processes andresponding to incidents, yielding results for administrators as well as citizens which are not obtainable through the individual management of systems.


Safety and efficiency

  1. Reduction in traffic accidents by 18%, particularly at intersections with stoplights
  2. Decrease in incident response times, from 35 minutes in 2007 to 19 minutes after implementing the HERMES platform, the current response time being 17 minutes
  3. Reduction in traffic jams, travel times and improved global mobility for the city