Optimizing the processing of speeding tickets

Traffic Ministry (DGT - Dirección General de Tráfico) in Spain needed to create a center for efficiently processing traffic tickets, equipped with the most appropriate systems and software applications as well as BPO processes for the center's management.

Need for managing:

  • 577 radar installations
  • 322 radars
  • 2,800,000 infractions/year
  • 1,300,000 sanctionsNeed to improve:
  • Record processing
  • Citizen assistance (Call Center)
  • Legal management


Integrated management for the National Automatic Traffic Ticket Processing Center (CETDA)

Effectiveness of public-private partnerships

PDCA management methodology for continuous implementation of corrections, improvements and adaptations

The solution contributed by Indra entailed transforming CEDTA into a model of efficiency and good management practices by using a suitable state-of-the-art technological platform.

To this end, we use the PDCA (Plan-DoCheck-Act) management method that fosters the continuous improvement cycle as the central element of the management model for continuously improving processes and detecting errors. Simultaneously, a continuous quality audit model is implemented, based on the review of significant samples of records processed, telephone calls attended, etc. The services rendered include:

  • Receipt of diverse infractions, verification and notification to the citizen, through manual validation means 
  • Receipt of documentation sent by the citizen. Receipt channels: email, fax or ordinary mail. Digitalization, entry into the management system and classification for processing
  • Document processing. According to type (allegations, appeals, change of addressee)
  • Telephone assistance. The call center receives calls from citizens, filtered by a voice menu through which the citizen selects automatic actions. Operator assistance is provided for complex operations
  • The solution provided by Indra involved a private, efficient and effective management model, loyal to the vocation of public service. Sharing the principles behind serving citizens, making these compatible with profitability, as a result of applying the best management practices together with technology upgrades


Fast and efficient implementation of the SIAPARC solution

Preventing unpunished infractions

Reducing accidents resulting from speeding

For citizens:

  • Speed in processing
  • Range of communication channels: fax, phone, Internet
  • Information on the disciplinary process and status of the record

For traffic agents:

  • Elimination of routine management processes
  • Increase in activities of higher added value For the Administration
  • Speed in processing
  • Optimization of infraction processing costs
  • Increase in exemplary penalties, decrease in unpunished infractions
  • Efficiency and modernization


Security at parking lots

  • Processing of 160,000 / 300,000 infractions per month
  • Processing of 100,000 documents per month
  • Handling of 30,000 telephone calls per month
  • Average infraction processing time under one day
  • Average document processing time from receipt, between one and two days
  • Number of operators simultaneously on call, 100
  • Technology infrastructure capable of processing 40,000 infractions/hour