Control center and new operation assistance system

Smart mobility and transportation

The Metrobus system started operating eight years ago. In this time it has grown from 80 to 377 buses, from 36 to 151 stations and from 20 to 95 kilometers in coverage, making it one of the best transportation offerings in Mexico City, which has a population of 21 million. Today, Metrobus transports more than 800,000 passengers a day.

The growth of the service has required the implementation of the most modern and efficient management systems while leaving room for expansion. These systems allow decisions to be made in real time and service quality to be improved.

Proposed solution

OAS Implementation

Indra has implemented a new control center with an Operation Assistance System (OAS) to manage the fleet of 377 public BRT buses. Through this system, each vehicle can be located at any time and decisions can be made in real time. The system can also generate reports and charts to improve quality and provide information on the service.

With the new real-time traveler information system, travelers can learn about the next bus stops, connections with other lines, potential incidents or the ETA for buses.

Indra's solution makes it possible to:

  • Plan public transportation services
  • Monitor and regulate the completion of scheduled services
  • Communicate with drivers from the control center via voice and messaging
  • Remotely monitor the safety of users and employees using a CCTV system that is installed onboard and at the stations
  • Keep public transportation users onboard the buses and at the 151 stations informed in real time using multimedia information panels and PA systems

Additionally, a control center is incorporated into the system to allow for complete management, including the ability to set up all of the devices and implement data on the services provided by the buses.


Efficiency and security of the transportation systems through new technology

Creating a benchmark system in the world of transportation

  • An expandable solution that is interoperable with the other operators and modes of transportation available in the city
  • Modular design that allows for adaptation to new technologies and advanced features
  • Efficiency as a result of improvements to the quality, speed and completion of services
  • Security through the incorporation of remote surveillance mechanisms


Improvement of the service provided to citizens


  • 377 onboard control units
  • 377 driver consoles
  • 1,508 onboard surveillance cameras
  • 1,041 onboard multimedia panels
  • 235 multimedia information panels at stations with integrated PA and surveillance camera
  • Supervision and Control Center • Large format videowall


  • 95 kilometers of BRT lines
  • 800,000 daily users
  • 151 stations
  • 377 buses


Pioneer system in Mexico in:

  • OAS, video surveillance, traveler information and planning integrated into a single system
  • A system with multimodal and multi-fleet management capability