Fundación Integra has recognized our efforts to promote corporate volunteering among our professionals as well as our pro bono work. At the 'Volunteering Awards' ceremony held at the First Volunteers Meeting organized by the foundation, we were singled out as a leading company in corporate volunteering. 

Indra collaborates with Fundación Integra by undertaking voluntary work at its Strengthening School, a personal development and prevocational training program aimed at improving the employment prospects of people at risk of social exclusion and people with disabilities.

We also collaborate with the foundation on pro bono projects. For example, we maintain improve and maintain its website, adding new features such as donations through POS, and we produce the foundation's annual newsletter. Additionally, we are working on a CRM model to manage its activities.

Indra also improves and maintains a management tool for use with candidates, the organizations that collaborate with the foundation, and the companies that participate in the inclusion life cycle, therefore doing our bit to assist the foundation in its social intervention activities.

Furthermore, between 2001 and 2016 we hired 184 people at risk of social exclusion or with a disability.

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