The Innovation Committee is the governing body of the Innovation Model, in charge of defining priorities and areas of interest on which Indraventures and the company's R&D must focus.

The Committee is responsible for supervising, leading and defining priorities for the corporate Innovation units, like Indraventures. It is also a shared forum for reflecting on Innovation in which markets and corporate areas debate on the company's Innovation agenda and actions.

The Innovation Committee is comprised of:

  • Strategy and Innovation Management, R&D Area and Indraventures
  • Representatives of all business units and technology experts

This composition ensures the existence of a global and unified Innovation Plan that guarantees the alignment between R&D, strategy and offering, promotes cooperation and transversality to maximize synergies between markets and generate a real impact in the business.

The Committee's functions include:

  • Monitoring the functioning of the Innovation Model
  • Responsible for reviewing all of the measures for promoting the key lines of the Innovation Model
  • Key decision-making body: strategic investment lines, relations with startups, development of intrapreneurship initiatives for employees
  • Supervising the management of Indraventures