Innovation is, and always will be, a key facet of our competitiveness. Therefore, it is critical for the long-term sustainability of Indra. Our commitment to this strategic principle is proven by the duration and intensity of our effort in this area, as we allocate 5% to 8% of annual sales to innovation. A long journey marked by the vision and willpower of the long distance runner.

Annual R&D

A Presevering Effort

Business investment in R&D

According to the most recently published data, Indra continues in the business innovation rankings prepared and published annually by the European Commission (The 2017 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard).In 2016, year for which data are analyzed in this report, Indra continues to maintain a prominent position in the ranking of the 114 companies in its sector (Software & Computer Services) at the European level, being the 2nd Spanish company. as well as in the overall rankings for both European and World levels.

An outstanding presence in the world of business innovaton

Open and networked innovation are a key pillar of Indra's internationalization. The evolution of international sales has been accompanied by parallel growth of the main innovation-related indicators (agreements with innovation and knowledge institutions, and R&D investment).


Open and networked innovation