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Indraventures is the driver around which the company's corporate innovation is organized.

Indraventures promotes and supports Innovation both within and beyond Indra, through a model of Innovation that pursues the collaborative development of initiatives in an open ecosystem that maximizes their impact.

Open to the entire Innovation Ecosystem:

  • External agents whose actions position them at the forefront of Innovation, startups, universities, technology centers, spinoffs or accelerators, to name a few
  • Our professionals, driving intrapreneurship as a source of innovation

The main functions of Indraventures are:

  • Channel and support collaboration and partnerships with external agents of the Innovation Ecosystem: universities, technology centers, startups, spinoffs, etc
    1. Detection and screening of innovative initiatives in emerging phases (ideas) or undergoing development
    2. Management of potential collaboration agreements and participation in specific initiatives (typically MoU)
  • Drive investment and acceleration of startups, spinoffs and innovative initiatives in the maturity phase
    1. Participation articulated through the direct investment in a range of €K 50-500 in successive rounds. Higher investments will be articulated through M&A
    2. Possible participation in development and acceleration, channeling, depending on the needs, Indra's contribution of human capital, technology or infrastructures
    3. This does not exclude direct development by the markets of innovation-related initiatives. The Innovation Committee will designate the unit in charge in each case, in response to the initiative's particularities
  • Monitor incubation, through to the final inclusion in the portfolio or exit of the investee
  • Management of the complete Intrapreneurship cycle in the company
    1. Detection and screening of ideas among our employees: boost of corporate mechanisms for the systematic capture of innovative initiatives proposed by our internal talent
    2. Internal development of the initiatives: implementation of an internal development model that enables employees' direct participation
    3. Definition of an incentives scheme that propels the model throughout the entire cycle



Our relationship with the startup ecosystem:

Ecosistema de innovación