R&D is the unit in charge of monitoring the company's innovative efforts on a global level and providing support in the obtention of third-party financing for R&D projects from different markets and areas, from the internal planning stage to project completion.


The R&D unit provides 3 main lines of support: Planning, Grant Management and R&D Project Monitoring. These lines are materialized in a complete portfolio of internal support services as well as external activities linked with the entire innovation ecosystem, including:

  • Dissemination of Calls for Proposals, Events and R&D Publications of interest
  • Guidance concerning the most adequate call for proposals
  • Alignment with trends and proposal-calling organizations
  • Search for new opportunities
  • Synergies
  • Organization of in-house work groups on innovative technological lines
  • Counseling and search for OPIs and partners
  • Preparation of proposals: technical, corporate, financial and legal information and aspects
  • Financial Institution Application Management
  • Defense of proposals
  • Technical and Economic Justification for the Financial Institution
  • Dissemination of Objectives and Results
  • Management of External Audits
  • Global and comparative analysis of innovative efforts and reporting 
  • Cataloging of projects for tax deductions for R&D&i
  • Representation and participation in different Technological Platforms, Industrial Associations and external work groups and other entities (PPPs, JTIs, KICs…) on an international level, in relation to innovation
  •  …

Likewise, R&D also safeguards alignment between R&D, strategy and offer, and promotes cooperation and transversality across different markets and corporate areas. Furthermore, the R&D Unit considers in-house and external talent as critical for the surveillance and development of opportunities for innovation and continuously strives to promote the company's globalization and innovative capacity. 

R&D Policy
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