What are we doing in Indra?

Our goal is to use technology and innovation as tools for the development of an inclusive society.

Social action

We aim to become the technological partner of the Social Sector in order to overcome the digital divide and to contribute to the social integration of disadvantaged groups and in particular of people with disabilities. In addition we also want to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in society and above all among joung people, to help us face the challenges of the future.

The participation of our professionals and the collaboration of academia are the corn stones of our social action.

These are the initiatives that we are putting together in order to reach our goal:

  • Accessible Technologies Innovation and development projects; technology that serves the needs of people with disabilities
    1. Accessible Technologies Chairs: collaborations with academia and ONGs in order to develop innovative services and solutions in the field of accessibility and inclusion See video (in Spanish) >>
  • Technological support to ONGs trough the Pro bono programme.

    The Pro bono programme provides free technological solutions to ONGs to enhance their technological capabilities in order to become more efficient. Professionals that participate in the Pro bono programme have the opportunity to develop a technological Project for the Social Sector while developing new skills and capabilities

Active participation of our professionals in Volunteering activities:we seek to raise awareness and a sense of social compromise between our professionals, fostering their participation in projects where they can develop their capabilities while contributing to the development of society as a whole.