Management of secure parking along Moroccan highways

The company that manages Moroccan highways, ADM (Autoroutes du Maroc), needed security for the truck parking areas implemented at different points along its highway network.

Two parking areas for trucks were built during the initial phase in the highest traffic areas near the cities of Tangier and Marrakesh.

Later, these secure parking areas will be added at other points along the network.

Proposed solution

Secure parking lots

Control of vehicles and collections

Indra provided the SIAPARC solution for the security systems of the ADM secure truck parking lot network. The system manages the following functions:

  • Individualization of each facility's management and centralization of collections data at the headquarters
  • Traffic occupancy control
  • Vehicular control through a license plate recognition system
  • Acceptance of different payment methods
  • Collections control
  • Maintenance system that ensures the proper installation and operation of the implemented systems


Improved operation and reduced costs

The modular and scalable design of the SIAPARC solution allows for quick and simple additions to be made in the future.


  • Integration of different parking lot devices or subsystems within a single control and management system
  • Reduction in costs and simplification of the operation
  • Our knowledge of the business makes us capable of executing implementations in the short-term, thus assuring the fulfillment of established goals and minimizing risks
  • The modular and simple development of all of the system's components enables us to respond quickly and efficiently for all facility types, regardless of size or complexity


Fast and effective implementation of the SIAPARC solution

1. For users:

  • Security in the parking areas of the highways managed by ADM

2. For ADM managers:

  • Efficiency and cost savings for the operators of ADM
  • Problems resolved in under 8 hours, 365 days per year
  • Support in technical queries and for security system operations