Technological innovation for suburban trains

A benchmark supplier in the ticketing management technology sector

Indra and Saint Louis Subway (Missouri) have been collaborating since 2006 in the implementation of new transportation technologies to improve traveler experience.

Initially, between 2006 and 2009, Indra designed and supplied new automated equipment for vehicle access control and ticket sales at the stations, as well as a new centralized ticketing control system.

In a second phase, between 2010 and 2014, the capabilities of the ticketing management system are being expanded. To this end, contactless cards have been introduced, a new concept of smart account-based system is being implemented, and sales channels are being expanded through the online sale of tickets and the use of sales terminals at associated establishments.

Proposed solution

Customized solutions for our clients

Technological innovation in the Mass Rapid Transport sector with solutions designed to improve ticketing management and traveler experience

The comprehensive ticketing management solution supplied by Indra includes:

  • Installation of a centralized, smart ticketing system that automatically determines the best rate for travelers, making Indra a pioneer in the implementation of this concept, which represents the future of ticketing management
  • Implementation of contactless card technology to replace old paper and magnetic tickets
  • Expansion of sales channels through the implementation of a website for selling tickets, as well as the implementation of points of sale at associated establishments
  • Provision of station equipment designed to operate outdoors and under extreme weather conditions (below -25 ºC)
  • Integration of all of the systems to support the new rate concepts introduced during the second stage of the project


Upgrading and implementation of the ticketing systems

Indra has strengthened its position as a benchmark company in the transportation sector by implementing a wide range of projects throughout the world

  • St. Louis has become one of the first cities in the world to implement a smart account-based fare payment system
  • The Subway increases its ability to sell products through modern sales channels
  • The Subway significantly increases its ticketing reliability and versatility through the use of contactless cards
  • Better travel fares for users