Centralized control and improvement of subway system management and operation

Cairo's is the first subway network to be built on the African continent. It needed to upgrade its access control and ticket sales system in order to reduce operating costs, provide an information technology platform that streamlines and improves the efficiency of its administrative, front office and back office processes, and offer improvements to its passengers

This solution was implemented through the renovation of existing devices, replacing the old magnetic technology with contactless technology that is in continuous communication with a control center where all of the necessary operation and financial control modules are integrated

The project was started in April 2013 in order to improve the quality of transportation in the crowded city of Cairo

Our ticketing solution allows public transportation entities to operate in an efficient, integrated way, making full use of its competitive advantages and optimizing business processes

Proposed solution

Cutting-edge technology

Solutions and services designed to achieve constant improvements in productivity and resource management

The solution that Indra designed for the Cairo Subway has made it possible to:

  • Incorporate latest-generation contactless technology into the system to facilitate interaction with passengers and provide new usage options
  • Update existing devices with the most up-to-date and modern elements to ensure improved operation
  • Supply brand new equipment to increase the Subway's use capacity. • Create automatic control processes to avoid human error and potential fraud
  • Additionally, an open ticketing control center has been designed to manage all the lines and facilitate their integration, thus providing greater flexibility and control capability to the Cairo Subway


A better service that meets client expectations

Customization and adaptation of the ticketing system to the actual needs of our client

  • A centralized global solution that facilitates the use of the system, as well as making its use and maintenance more affordable
  • Improved capacity to create business through new operational possibilities
  • Greater control and access to information, which will allow the Cairo Subway to adapt its offering to user demands


Over 30 million passengers the first year

  1. The travelers have been provided with new products that better fit the habits of each one, resulting in increased service quality and savings
  2. The Cairo Subway has greater control over its income by significantly reducing fraud
  3. The client has a local Indra team that is responsible for providing maintenance and support for any incident that may arise